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Who We Are

We are Guilford, CT Public School (GPS) parents and teachers organized into a steering group and volunteer teams, focused on Kids, Teachers and Parents. 

Our community-based goals include normalizing diversity, building awareness of bias, and prompting important conversations.

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Our work takes shape in two primary ways:


Volunteers research, coordinate and communicate in support of:

  • Resources for stakeholder groups 

  • Enrichment and professional development opportunities

  • Curriculum tools and best practices

  • The facilitation of staff initiatives 


Providing financial support and fundraising for:

  • school assemblies

  • teacher resources and workshops

  • classroom resources and field trips

  • diversifying our libraries

  • other programs that support ABAR work

A.W. Cox

Elementary School

Calvin Leete 

Elementary School


Middle School

Guilford Lakes 

Elementary School

Melissa Jones

Elementary School

E.C. Adams

Middle School


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